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Facilities Documents


Facilities Master Plan

The Facilities Master Plan provide a guide for future campus development and describes how the District Facilities will change to meet the educational mission of the Colleges as projected in the Education Master Plan.

Planning Documents

Project Related Documents


204 Convert Existing to Beach Volleyball

509-511 Demolition of Flint Center, Utilities & Associated Work

Sustainability Planning Documents

Capital Outlay

The Capital Outlay process is the procedure that the District uses to identify projects that are eligible for State funding. The primary documents that the District produces as part of the Capital Outlay process are the Space Inventory, the Five Year Construction Plan, and Project Proposals.

Space Inventory

The Space Inventory is updated each October and provides a room summary for each building in the District with identifying quantitative data for each room and building including such elements as size, type, use and program.

Five Year Construction Plan

The Five Year Construction Plan is updated each July 1 and communicates the Capital Outlay needs of the District over the next five years by considering Educational Plan statements, inventory of existing space, enrollments, instructional staff, and projected facility projects.

Space Utilization Report

Project Proposals

Initial Project Proposals (IPPs) are submitted to the State Chancellor's Office annually. The purpose of the IPP is to introduce the concept and impacts on space intended by each project proposal so that efforts can be made to determine which projects should continue into more detailed planning and development. After evaluating the IPPs, the State Chancellor’s Office notifies the District of those IPPs to develop into Final Project Proposals (FPPs) due the following February for possible submission to the Board for project scope approval. The FPP establishes the project justification, final scope and estimated costs for implementation of all acquisition, infrastructure, facility and systems projects. 

Campus Boundaries

The property lines of the campuses can be found at the following links:

Past Project Related Documents