Surplus Equipment Disposal



The District utilizes a third party auction service provider, Public Surplus. Parties interested in viewing items available for sale periodically may visit the Public Surplus auction site at link provided below:,ca/browse/allcat



In March 2019, a new AssetWorks Surplus Management System (System) was launched to automate and streamline the surplus request process. Once the online Surplus Form is submitted and approved by the requesting department manager and the campus Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment (FF&E) Coordinator, the Surplus Coordinator will 1) schedule the pickup, 2) determine the appropriate disposition of the surplus, such as donation, sale, recycle or redistribute, and 3) obtain the required Board approval. The System also allows user to search and check the status of surplus request.



1. Go to MyPortal and click on  Applications for All Users, scroll down and select "Surplus Request."

2. To login, select the "Login using SSO" option. A unique user name and password are not required.  

3. For questions or assistance, contact Anthony Caceres, Surplus Coordinator, Central Services at (650) 949-7205 or



As you complete the online form, select one of the two Surplus Types as described below:

1. District Personal Property (Equipment and FF&E)

The System supports up to 150 individual line items per submitted surplus request. Do not combine District Personal Property and Category II items on the same surplus disposal request.

2. E-Waste Category II (Electronic Products) 

Category II equipment that still contains circuit boards, electronics, or is considered Universal Waste or E-Waste but does not have a license, software or data. Because of the electronic component, this equipment will be tracked, stored and managed separately from furniture, file cabinets, tables and the broad array of items no longer needed by the district.


Category I (contact ETS for pickup*)

Category II (use online surplus form)

  • CRTs (Cathode ray tubes) - televisions and computer monitors
  • LCD monitors/televisions, Plasma televisions
  • Laptop/Desktop computers and servers
  • AV equipment
  • External devices such as hard drives
  • Answering machines
  • Calculators
  • Cell phones, telephones
  • CD/DVD players, VCRs  
  • Copiers/printers/fax machines/scanners
  • Radios, stereos, tape players/recorders
  • Any specialized equipment once used in the classroom with circuit boards or a screen greater than 4 inches diagonally.

* Category I surplus equipment is subject to ETS handling for one or more of following reasons: 1) Equipment contains licensed software or college data (financial, medical, legal or private information) 2) Equipment needs to undergo asset evaluation as operable or non-operable, and 3) ETS is the record keeper for asset records and deployment of reusable Category I equipment.

Contact ETS by phone at x8324 or go to Log in using your MyPortal credentials and then select the ETS Request for Help form. ETS will pick up the equipment and submit the required surplus disposal form online for you.



Once the online Surplus Form is completed and approved, the Surplus Coordinator will schedule the pick-up of surplus items from the designated location. The contractor utilized for pick-up is determined based on the type of items: 1) NorCal for routine surplus items, 2) Clean Harbor for e-waste, or 3) Other contractor(s) for items that require special removal/disposal requirements (i.e. rigging, etc.). 

Note:  Since utilizing contractors to pick up surplus is expensive, scheduling may take longer than customary to ensure sufficient items are accumulated to make the scheduled pick-up cost effective.