Work Orders/Service Requests

work orders/Service Requests


The following procedures are used for the initial submission of a Work Order/Service Request. Current status on previously submitted Work Order/Service Requests to resolve problems or other issues should be referred to the Facilities Management Team.

Click for contact information:  Facilities Management Team


Routine Service Request


Routine Service Request should be submitted through the On-line Work Order System


Urgent Service Requests


Urgent Service Requests are NON-emergency conditions that directly impact the educational mission of the District. Examples of urgent facility needs are conditions resulting in:

  • Cancellation of classes
  • Disruption of traffic flow
  • Building closures
  • Safety issues that impact students, staff or the general public


Urgent facility needs should be reported to the following phone extensions at each College and MUST be followed up with a work order.

Foothill College & District Central Services - Dial ext. 6156 or 6178

De Anza College - Dial ext. 5438 or 5437 




Emergencies are conditions that pose an immediate threat of serious injury to personnel or damage to property.  Examples of emergencies include:

  • Gas or burning smell
  • Burst pipe
  • Overflowing toilet
  • Exposed live electrical wire


Facility Emergencies should be reported as described here:  EMERGENCIES